Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Are you comfortable with your life? Fearless even? I have a hard time watching individuals live their life complacently. When you see this person, you will know deep down they are not truly happy with their everyday lives, but fear won't allow them to reach for the visions and dreams God has instilled in their heart.

Now let me **sidebar** I said, "Visions and dreams God has instilled…" That means that some of you are reaching for things that God has not ordained you to do, and you continue to reach for it, even though nothing is coming your way. People confuse difficulty and force with hard work. They feel there will be hoops of fire to jump through, major setbacks, battles and fights, but this is not true. When it is ordained by God, he will place you in a position, and as you obediently follow the direction He is sending you on, you will work tirelessly to fulfill the task. You will work hard, but it will not be hard. Don't get me wrong, I know that everything is not easy, and there will be times when you will struggle, and you will need support from individuals you love, but it's hard to support someone who you know is not obedient. When it's evident that God does not have is hand in the middle of the situation, yet you continue to push it. Men and women confuse this act within their relationships almost always. Each individual is looking to be supported by their companion: whether it is through time, finance, and/or emotions, they are looking for the support. Now, am I wrong if I cannot support you feeling it's more important to chase a dream that has no order, no direction, and no foundation? And all while you are chasing this dream, you feel it's not necessary to hold a job, and/or do things for the family you helped create? Do you realize what will happen when you chase and then follow someone whose dream has no basis or foundation? You both crumble. You both lose the strength that you once had.

Please don't confuse this lack of judgment; this disorganization; and childish dream, with a vision God has formed. We make poor decisions, with a lack judgment, and then don't take responsibility for the steps taken to get to that failure, and then replace it with fear for everything. Fear for a success that is hand carved by God means you leave this earth never fulfilling the gift God created for you. How do you know God's hand is in it? When you know in your heart that the gift He wants you to use is going to change someone's life and heart for the better. Two people can have the same talent. Those two people can have two different hearts. God will produce favor for the individual who has the ability to change the lives of others for good.

God has not given us the spirit of fear. It is used to keep you from ever doing anything you want to do. And the devil will use as many forces as possible to keep you from fulfilling it. The situation above is just one example, but friends, family members, significant others and you, yourself, will definitely be forces the devil uses. At some point you have to get to the position where you are confident enough to not care what anyone else's opinion is, and just do it. Nothing you do is for nothing. If the first door doesn't open, God will definitely have another door open for you just nearby to the left. The experience has taught you something, so be open, and don't miss the true blessing by not listening to God. I think about all the things we would not have, had the people who created them, gave up. Just think about all the things you are destined to share/give and know that ultimately you'd be unhappy if you are not doing it, sharing it, and blessing someone else with it.

Furthermore, stop blaming other people for your inability to believe in yourself. You have all the power and control over your own life. It's saddening to look at someone make excuses about why they cannot do something; get frustrated with an innocent bystander because you failed to believe, and let fear guide your path. Suck it up, own up, and take responsibility for every mistake, every decision, and every victory.

As I give my opinion please understand, I get fearful as well, but I'm a work in progress. I am now aware, and now I am doing all I can to stay on the path God has created me to be on. My fear lies in trusting others in relationships, so at times I push away the person I know I love, so I don't have to deal with disappointment. Do not do that. Live and Love…it's so much more worth it, than to let someone who may have been special walk away. It's almost like as women, and men in many cases, are afraid to be happy. We cannot accept someone doing something great in our lives because we fear it will go away. The feeling of happiness has only been temporary for many individuals so it's easier just to not be happy. Don't do that, you will live your life in misery; trying to get others to join you, and that is not cute. You will end up taking your anger out on the next individuals. It is a bad cycle. Forgive yourself, forgive those who've brought pain in the past and move on. My other fears lie in my visions. Even this simple blog has been a dream, and fear prolonged its existence. Now I am creating music, which has been my first love since I was sixteen. Now I could have easily tried not to do, which I have been doing for years. Creating excuses as to why I don't need to sing. I allowed other people to deter me from "star reaching." And don't get me wrong. I could create a dream out of being a teacher, being a mother, and a wife. Raising more kids, and living in a suburban house with a big front porch (I Still Want This), but I realized it's not what God wants me to do right now. I am so uncomfortable in the position He is putting me in, but I know He is pushing me to be ALL he created me to be. And it feels right. I have struggled for years being disobedient to the things He was calling me to do. Made mistake after mistake that I have to pay for even now. Those debts do not disappear, but he is giving me an opportunity to live for what I love; create a better life for the daughter I love; and replace all past debts, with assets for a better me; a better life; a better love. It's not easy. I do get fearful, but I trust God so I will keep it moving forward because fear does not come from Him. The enemy created it, so that we would all sit on God's promises, and never experience them.

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