Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Give Him Air

I swear Kevin Hart said it best in his stand up, “Seriously Funny” ….women just cant stand to see their man having a great time without them.  And don’t lie cause when he said it in his stand-up…you laughed hard as hell and then side-eyed your man!! You do it, I do it, but then I began to think…why?

Have you ever seen a group of men congregate together? No women, just each other…bottles of liquor, bags of greasy food, and a whole lot of conversation? It is quite interesting to witness, and honestly, they don’t think about us for a second. And you know why? They’re too busy trying to stroke their egos…who’s going to brag the most, and win at the end of the night. And when they’re done “playing” with each other, then they will come hang out or home to you, and let you fulfill the intimate side.  Ladies, we are nothing like this…we don’t get together to try and stroke our egos! No, we get together to try and mend our egos back together.  We discuss our problems, what he done did, said, or not did and not said…and for 30% of the time we talk about what’s good! Men don’t discuss their problems, and they don’t feel like messin’ with us, because that’s what we want to talk about with them!

This is not a declaration for change…cause ladies, this is who we are, but give him some slack. Let him go out and have a great time with his guys, because that’s his moment where he does not have to be on point…or think as hard as we would like him to.  Furthermore, maybe we should try and do the same thing.  Find a balance.  Stop talking about him, or thinking about him as much when you are with your girls…let that be your time to be a woman…it’s the moment where you actually get to be around ladies who understand the layers we’ve developed in our brains!! And trust me…you don’t get that at home!

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