Monday, January 10, 2011

Cleaning Your Plate

As a woman, I want the best for women.  I want us to carry ourselves as ladies, with dignity, respect…yada yada yada…you get it. Unfortunately, that is not the world that we live in.  Not every woman can be an adult about situations, or control their emotions when their feelings are hurt.

Men and women are two completely different creatures…men cheat, on even the most well packaged woman; women give themselves away too easily, and then wonder why he hasn’t called.  I know I’ve said this, but it still rings true…our emotions get the best of us; we dog out the next woman because of something a man has done…well when is he going to be held accountable?

When you enter a new relationship, how long should it take for you to clean your plate?  If you’ve been talking for a few months before you make it official, that plate should be cleared…right? Some women won’t necessarily follow suit with you deciding to ignore phone calls and text messages; making an announcement to the world via blast text is highly absurd…so what should you do? As time passes, most will get the picture, and fall by the waist side, but there are a few basic chicks who will need to be addressed, and men, as much as you want to act like you don’t know she’s doing too much…if your new girlfriend would think she’s doing too much…she’s doing too damn much.

If you fear being blunt and bold with these simple females who won’t go away, then you probably aren’t ready to commit.  If you know that she loves you, and could careless about the relationship you’ve decided to establish, but continue to have a connection with her…you have not cleared your plate, and aren’t ready to commit.  There should be no hesitation in X’ing certain people off your list…that may create issues in your new relationship. There should be no hesitation in letting people know this is the person you have decided to create a future with, because if you don’t, why would these other women respect your decision and relationship? How would they know how serious you are about the person you claim to love???

This has no bearings on female “friends.” Real friends don’t have an underlying motive…are not waiting in the wings for your relationship to fail so they can take the girlfriend’s place. In essence, if she’s hanging around, and you are letting her, because you evidently have qualms about the current status of your relationship working…well you’ve claimed the inevitable. Your girlfriend will most definitely walk.

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