Tuesday, September 21, 2010

God's Love

It's been 5 months since I last posted...I've grown since then...I've been through even more since then...so I have even more to give you...some good, some hurtful, some bad, some blessings...overall it's Just "Real"..."The Real Star Esynaj" ~God is Love

There’s always that one person that manages to creep and seep their love into your heart! That one person has eased their way in…leaving an unforgettable imprint on your life.  For some of us, including myself, there’s no getting to my heart easily…my heart has been a vault for years…but that person will know exactly what to do to help you let your hair down…

It happens when you least expect it…it’s how you feel when you know you’ve pleased God. An ultimate feeling of peace and joy in your heart when you know that person’s love is genuine and true.  You know you’re in love when you can accept and love that person through all their flaws, but not let them settle with them either…True enough yes we can’t change who we are…but we can definitely get better.

That person manages to motivate you…make you want to be more than you already are.  A life that lacks selfishness…but believes in sacrifice.  This person manages to be a consistent force of love…that you find yourself praying for on a regular basis…an overwhelming feeling of wanting to feel their heart beating next to yours…

It’s a love that, despite your own personal circumstances, makes you fearless, strong, and forget about all your problems…just being with that person is enough to light up your world. It’s understanding that “If you loved me at 10 percent, it's only right that I love you back at 90. Some days you'll have to love me at 90 because I can only supply 10.” Give and take; be strong for one another; and do it at all times.

It’s the point in which you witness God’s love…and understand that God is Love! When this love finds you…you know you’ve been a true witness to how God loves us…through our mistakes, our poor decisions, or neglect to God…He loves us anyway…and knowing you can find a kind of love like that in a man/woman will make you surrender your heart to that person forever. Are you willing to allow yourself to see it…feel it…believe in it?

Yours Truly


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